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Chai Folk Arts Council Inc.

Mission Statement

Music is the energy of the human spirit. Chai, meaning alive, educates communities around the world that the richness of our lives is found within our diversity. Music is the global common language that enables us to send messages of culture and spirit to many nations. Through music and dance we remind mankind that all cultures and religions share a common bond. It is a true joy and privilege to simply be alive - chai. The Chai Folk Arts Council exists to preserve, to promote and to develop Jewish and Israeli culture through performance and education in music, song and dance for the benefit of our youth and community.

Our goals are:

  1. To educate students, our performers and our audiences.
  2. To support the operation of the organization through marketing, promoting and fundraising.
  3. To promote the Sarah Sommer Chai Folk Ensemble as the premiere-performing vehicle in Canada for the continuation of Jewish culture through music and dance.
  4. To provide a vehicle for non-performing members to become involved in the Jewish community.
  5. To provide Jewish culture and tradition through the creation of Jewish and Israeli music and dance and to expand the art form in our repertoire.
  6. To maintain a high quality and professional standard.
  7. To develop links with other community organizations.

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